Independent Team Membership

MECA Team Memberships $60.00 per year

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Benefits Include:

  • Officially MECA Recognized Team
  • MECA Licensee – Sell MECA individual memberships (Sell memberships for $40.00 and keep $5.00 for each license you sell)
  • Use MECA Logos on your team
  • Membership ID card
  • One vehicle per team can be a registered team vehicle for competition and receive entry fee discounts
  • Team designation on the MECA website with team details and a link back to your teams website or Facebook page.
  • Sell MECA official merchandise. (SPL and SQL CD’s, Flash drives, T-shirts, Stickers, Hat and Mugs.
  • Host MECA events “Events in a Box” 1X point events” Low cost, profitable, Fun contest promotions.
  • Discounted show material. $5.00 per score sheet for 1X events, you keep the entry fee’s, buy the awards and promote locally.
  • Offer/co-host sanctioned SQL, SPL, Show & Shine State Championship events.
  • Discount on 10 X 10 booth space as MECA State and Regional Championship events
  • Discounts on test equipment.
  • Discounts on Promotional materials and services.
  • Free use of MECA t-shirt designs with your team and MECA logo.
  • Free official club event fliers made for your events.
  • Discounts on MECA media services (TV ads, Radio and Print Ad’s)
  • Preferred teams parking for your team members at MECA events when possible.
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