Bienvenido, 欢迎, ကြိုဆိုပါတယ်, Chào mừng, Welcome to MECA International

MECA, the Mobile Electronics Competition Association began in the late 1990s in the United States. However, with the explosion of the aftermarket car audio and entertainment scene internationally, once competitors and event promoters saw how fun and fair MECA was in the USA, they wanted a piece of that action in their areas.

Currently, MECA holds licensing agreements with promoters in:

  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Panama
  • China
  • Southeast Asia (including the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia)
  • Africa

If you are an international event promoter and would like more information about becoming a MECA licensee, please contact us!

Please note, the organization identifying itself as MECA in Brazil was previously affiliated with MECA, Inc., however the organizers chose to discontinue payments of the licensing fee and thus have no legal right to the name or intellectual property of MECA. MECA contends that they are currently operating illegally and they are not officially recognized by MECA, Inc.