James Wright

Location: Michigan
Certification: SPL Judge
Contact Info: 616-337-5622
[email protected]
Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100043040055976

I am Jim 

Michigan meca Judge and owner of All Walls Audio LLC

Team All Walls is my passion for family friends and the love of all things loud..(Bass)😁 I am a certified Mechanic In The state of Michigan on a daily. I come from a military family and love the outdoors life..

Bringing people together with positive vibes is something I’m very passionate about . I absolutely love being apart of all we do here in Michigan as well as I  really enjoy building custom audio installs of all sizes. 

Let’s make 2022 a great start for all of us..

I hold a medal of heroism
2021 season Michigan state champion in M-4 class.
30 yr veteran of car audio
Proud father and grandfather.