Joseph Hedden

Location: Central Illinois
MECA Certifications: SQL Judge, SPL Judge
Contact Information: [email protected]
Facebook profile link:
I’m on Instagram: @gorilla_audio_productions

I have been into car audio as a hobby since before I could drive in 1990, worked for Circuit City from 1998-2009 as an installer up to being an installation manager, then a Route delivery driver with Hostess from 2009-2012, after Hostess closed, I went back to school in 2013 and am now an electrical engineer with Caterpillar Inc.I am currently from Illinois, hopefully, Tennessee within the next year, and started competing in SPL with my father from 2005-2013 and then took an 8-year hiatus and am now in the process of building a car for SQ.

I went to judges training in 2021 to learn about SQ and found the fun in being a judge. With every show and every car, I sit in, I become a better judge for the competitor.