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How To Log Into Your Member Profile

When you first come to MECA you’ll notice a central navigation bar at the top of the homepage. Within that that main navigation bar, there are several pages and options to choose from in order to navigate the site. Today, we will be going through how to log into your member profile after you have signed up for an account.

  1. First you must have already signed up for a MECA Competitor Member account.
    If you have not done so please click here in order to sign-up.

  2. Next within the main navigation bar at the top of each page; click on the Log In link. (Please note that the navigation bar / selections may change as we are constantly adding features and pages to the site)

  3. Within the login page, enter your credentials as needed; the username / email you signed up with & the password you used to create your account.

  4. After you have Logged in; the previous Log In menu item has been changed to Log Out and a new Member Menu is now available within the main navigation menu.

  5. You have now successfully logged in!
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