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Registering Information

Registering for a member account

You have options for registering for an account.
Remember that you can still participate and compete at any local MECA event however you will only accumulate points once you are a registered member.

The membership fees regardless of how you choose to register are the same.

  • $40.00 per year for a competitor membership
  • $60.00 per year for an independent team
  • $100.00 per year for a retail membership

2 Options:

  • Register online at mecacaraudio.com
  • Register at a local event

Online Member Registration

Registering for an account online is very simple and has its advantages over registering at a local event. When you register online you will receive your MECA Member ID instantly! The system will also allow you to print out or view your membership card instantly.

With our new system that has just been launched (November 2021) this would be the preferred method of registration as it allows us to receive your registration payment online and also allows you to signup for a subscription payment so you never forget to renew your membership.

During the online member registration process you will be presented with a selection box that you can select to enable the auto renew your membership.

You will receive your membership card and member stickers within  1-2 weeks.

Your member registration is valid for 12 months and begins on the date of your registration and expires on the same date the following year.

Local Event Member Registration

You have the option to also register on site at a local event, this can be done by filling out a member registration form onsite. You can receive the registration form by contacting the event director or organizer of the event.

Complete your member registration form and return it back to the event director/organizer along with membership fees.

You will receive your membership card and member stickers within 3-4 weeks.

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