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Viewing Your Account Details

It is simple to view your Account details via the main navigation menu, by simply following the steps below.

  • Log into your MECA account. If you have not created an account, click here to signup for one.
  • After Logging in, hover your mouse over the Member Menu header within the main navigation menu (pictured above) and then select Account Details.

Account Details Page

The Account Details page provides MECA memberships with all details related to their account and memberships. Please see below for more details on each separate section.

My MECA Swag

  • Dashboard: Click here to be brought back to the main Account Details page.
  • Orders: Click here to view any orders you have placed with MECA.
  • Downloads: Click here to view/download and downloadable products associated with your account.
  • Addresses: Click here to change/update your billing and shipping addresses.
  • Account details: Click here to change aspects of your name and email address.
  • Logout: This is used to log out of your account.

My Memberships

Within this section you can view all of the memberships (and their options) associated with your account, the billing of these memberships, and when these memberships expire.

Changing Your Membership

If you would like to change your membership level, or you would like to join the Support Group, simply click on their the Change or View All Membership Options links at the bottom of this section.

Cancelling Your Membership

If you would like to cancel your membership, simply click on the Cancel link at the bottom of this section. (This only means that if you had a subscription setup with Paypal that the system will not auto renew)

My Account

Within the My Account section, you are able to view the name, username, and email associated with your account.

Editing Your Profile

You can edit your profile by clicking on the Edit Profile link at the bottom of this section. This allows you to edit:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Publicly presented name
  • Email
  • Ability to hide your name/profile from the directory
  • T-shirt size
  • Registered team name (You can add any team name here however only recognized teams will be displayed within the events system)
  • The date when you first became a MECA competitor member.
  • Competition formats you compete within
  • Shipping address details
Changing Your Password

You can change your password by selecting the Change Password link at the bottom of this section.

Within this section you can view and print your temporary MECA membership card.

My MECA Badges

This section shows which member badges you have with MECA.

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