Link for Power Drop for Finals

Please use this link to sign up for a power drop for your vehicle for Finals. Pre-show price is $75, day of show price is $100.

Power Drop payment is through the IASCA site.
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2019 Finals Competitors List

Thanks for a tremendous 2019 competition season. This is the official listing of pre-registered competitors for our Finals event. Only pre-registered SQL and SPL competitors may compete in Finals contests..

Show & Shine and Ride the Light contests may be pre-registered, or entry may be paid day of show, Saturday.

Congrats to our qualified, engaged, and ready-to-rock Finalists!

The list will be updated as Members pre-register.

September 17, 2019 1:07 PM Central Time
SQL: 30
SPL: 8
Show & Shine: 1
Ride the Light: 0

Sound Quality League

Sound Quality
Jared Knight (Audio Vision/TRU), OH

Paul Adams (LEXService/TRU), CA
Scott Brazelton (Audio X/TRU), AL
Shannon Corwin (Audio Specialists), OH
Brian Gill (ST6/MSE/Hybrid Audio/JL Audio), TN
Tony Horton, PA
Tom Meyers (Hybrid Audio), IL
Nicole Pyles (Melodic Acoustic), NC
Tony Rodriquez (Audio X), IL

Modified Street
Marsha Beeler (ST6/Hybrid Audio), TN
Ryan Controneo, NY
Chris Roscart (Octave), FL

Dave Clews (12 Volt Dave’s/Hybrid Audio), PA
Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH
Bruce Miller (Audio X/SSQ/Zapco), WV
Michael Myers (ST6/AP/Zapco), TN

Jeff Arkema (Audio X/Zapco), GA
George Garcia (Audio Vision), RI
William Grimme, IN
Bill Gunsallus (Audio Bros/audionutz/Zapco), PA
Julius Pyles (Melodic Acoustic), NC

Ron Baker (Medolic Acoustic), PA
Dale Skaggs (Hybrid Audio), FL
Steve Weigner (Audio Bros), PA
Ben Zimmerman (Mobile Audio Plus/Hybrid Audio), IL

Natan Budiono, (MI)
Leonard Day (Melodic Acoustic), PA
Tony Gutermuth (Audio X), IN
Emily Meyers (Hybrid Audio), IL
Mike Nicholls (US Acoustics), CA

Jared Knight (Audio Vision), OH

Tony Horton, PA

Modified Street

Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH


RTA Freq Out
Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH

Tom Meyers (Hybrid Audio), IL

Natan Budiono, MI
Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH
Emily Meyers (Hybrid Audio), IL

Dueling Demos


Anthony Caldwell (XFL/Mechman/True Bass/XS Power), TN

MECA Kids Dueling Demos

Sound Pressure League

Sound Pressure
Street 1

Street 2
Rich Crawford, IN

Street 3

Street 4

Street 5

Trunk 1
Danny Black (614), OH

Trunk 2

Modified Street 1

Modified Street 2

Modified Street 3

Modified Street 4
Monte Tucker, VA

Modified 1
Brandon Morris, IN

Modified 2
Davy “Poptart” Weil (FSA/American Bass), TN

Modified 3

Modified 4

Modified 5
Anthony Caldwell (XFL/Mechman/True Bass/XS Power), TN
dB Rev Jay (dB Revolution/Sundown/XS Power), KY

Radical XC
Jeffrey Sanford, IN

Radical X
dB Rev Jay (dB Revolution/Sundown/XS Power), KY



Park & Pound

Rich Crawford, IN
Davy “Poptart” Weil (FSA/American Bass), TN



Anthony Caldwell (XFL/Mechman/True Bass/XS Power), TN


Ride The LIght


Show & Shine
Domestic Mild

Domestic Wild

Import Mild

Import Wild



Truck Mild

Truck Wild


Thanks to our sponsors for Finals: Ohio Generator, Sundown Audio, XS Power Batteries

2019 Club Awards Voting Starts Today

All MECA Members in good standing are welcome to send votes to the Commissioner at Only votes submitted to this email address will be counted. Deadline is September 25th.

MECAhead of the Year –
Competitor of the Year –
Mike Bayler SQL Sportsmanship Award –
Retail Member of the Year –
SQL Rookie of the Year –
SPL Rookie of the Year –
Distinguished Service Award –
SQL Hatfield & McCoy Award –
SPL Hatfield & McCoy Award –
SQL Dueling Demos Hatfield & McCoy Award –
Stinking Loud Award –
Neighborhood Nuisance Award –
MECA Kids Neighborhood Nuisance Award –
Motormouth Award –
Survivor Award –
Johnny Appleseed Award –
SPL Judge of the Year –
SQL Judge of the Year –
Event Director of the Year –
Team of the Year –
Loud Spouses –
SQL Spouses –
Judge Team of the Year –
MECA Spirit Award –
SPL Spirit Award –
Show & Shine Spirit Award –
Park & Pound Spirit Award –
Dueling Demos Spirit Award –
SQL Spirit Award –
Manufacturer of the Year –
Best Press Coverage Award –
Pioneer Award –
Venue of the Year –
TCB (Taking Care of Business) Award –
12 Volt Industry Award –
Alma Gates Lifetime Achievement Award –
Best Penmanship –
High School Student of the Year –
Commissioner’s Award –

8 USA Events This Weekend

Heading into the home stretch, with less than 3 months until World Finals, the summer is heating up with more events in more places.

Take note of the SQOLOGY 4X SQL & Dueling Demos with additional 3X SPL, SQL, and Show & Shine at the Steel Valley Regional event in New Cumberland, WV on Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks to Arc Audio for their role as 4X SQL Title Sponsor for 2019.

Thanks and congrats in advance to Larry Chijner, who puts his heart, soul, and ears into this amazing event.

Thanks to our SPL and SQL judges who are giving car audio competitors a fair shake and place to play!

7/27 MECA @ Royal Fitment 2019 Union City, CA 2X

7/27 Blue Devil Bowling Dueling DemosLebanon, TN 1X

7/27 13th Annual Street Dreams Car & Bike ShowKnoxville, TN 2X

7/27 Shaking The Shore For Austin’s Cure Cape Charles, VA 2X

7/27 – 7/28 SQOLOGY Steel Valley VIII New Cumberland, WV 3X

7/27 – 7/28 SVR SQL 4X New Cumberland, WV 4X

7/27 3rd Annual Slamming The Gump Montgomery, AL 3X

7/28 SoundCheck Super Show Lafayette, IN 2X