MECA Africa


Poomesh Sukhai – Information Technology Professional.

I am Poomesh Sukhai. Born and raised in beautiful South Africa. I am 38 years old and I have been involved in the South African Sound Competition Industry for over 20 years. My passion for the sound industry started in 2001 and has seen me compete and attain World Records on the IASCA platform. I was one of the founding members of the country’s largest World Record Breaking Teams called Team TNT Starsound. We broke many local and international records in the car audio scene. During my years in the car audio scene, I was a brand ambassador for both Star Sound Audio and Pioneer Audio. I am currently employed in the Information Technology Industry for a very competitive leader in the South African market. I look forward to taking MECA to greater heights and allowing competitors in Africa the opportunity to break barriers and records internationally.

I will leave you with a motto I strive to live by “Our legacy is written by our ability to always strive to be the best, do our best, achieve our best and always deliver our best”


Dheveshen Naidoo – Quality Management Auditor

My name is Dheveshen Naidoo, I am 28 years old and I am from Johannesburg South Africa. I am a Quality Management Auditor, and I have been passionate about the motoring industry since I was a little kid, be it Sound, Drag Racing, Drifting, Stance – well actually anything to do with cars and audio. My Passion for this has grown tremendously over the years. I dedicate most of my spare time to Car Events. I would love to grow MECA in South Africa and will represent and carry the MECA name with the highest standards as it is such a recognised brand. 


Sugen Pillay – Senior National Account Manager (Manufacturing) / Marketing & Public Relations

I am Sugen Pillay, from Randburg, Johannesburg in South Africa. I have a Business Management degree with a major in marketing and strategy. I currently manage blue chip accounts for a local manufacturing concern in South Africa on an International basis. My other passion is in the motoring arena, specifically in the Car Audio Competition Industry. I personally started my journey in the audio competition world in 2003 which saw me break many barriers and boundaries. Today, together with the rest of my colleagues we run some of the most exciting car audio competition events in the country. By strategically looking at the current Africa Car Audio Competition platform, and our current activity in this arena, I find that there is a huge gap for an International Competition affiliation on this continent. African competitors have a huge talent and drive to take the Car Audio Competition Industry to new heights, however we lack the platform to do so. I believe that MECA is the answer – it ticks all the boxes when it comes to the requirements of our competitors and offers a fair and fun platform for everyone to enjoy. My aim is to take MECA to astronomical proportions and to make it the dominating Car Audio Competition affiliation in Africa.