MECAHEAD of the Month 2022

Congratulations to all the MECAHEAD of the Month winners, Will you be next?

APRIL 2022

Bubba Brewer

We would like to congratulate Bubba Brewer on being the MECAHEAD of the month for April! We met Bubba last season, as it was his first year competing with MECA. He went hard for Rookie of the year last year and came up just a little short. However, Bubba had another goal in mind and that was becoming MECA’s MS3 World Champion. Bubba came up to Alabama last year and did his thing. We watched him and his teammates spend most of the night working even after many were back at hotels fast asleep or out partying. Bubba reminded us of those days we sat reminiscing about the journey we were once on. Many championships were created or found in the parking lot the night before finals or even the night after qualifying rounds. This is something many don’t see, they think it is magic or that we have some secret but in the end, it boils down to work, effort and time. Every time we see or talk with Bubba he is always eager to learn. Always pushing his friends and his enemies, that’s how we get better, get louder and innovate in this hobby. Bubba has great sportsmanship. I have seen him win and lose with grace. He is also someone who will go out of his way to help his team, his friends and even the occasional new guy. That matters! Sharing knowledge with the new competitors truly helps to grow our hobby. Bubba is a model MECA competitor and we look forward to seeing what he can accomplish in what I hope are many years to come. With all that said, congrats Bubba you earned it!!

March 2022

Justin Dunham

We are pleased to announce March 2022 MECA head of the month goes to Justin Dunham! Justin came out strong last season competing in the sound quality league with big sexy! Big sexy is his beautiful red truck he drives around with an amazing sounding system in it. Justin put in so much work, he won SQL rookie of the year last year which is a huge accomplishment your first year.

Although it was Justin‘s rookie year he has a partner in crime that’s been doing car audio for 25+ years, his dad, Jim Vilseck Junior. Jim said, ” Justin is my best friend, son and business partner that is as honest as the day is long. Has the biggest heart, would help anybody.” After being high school sweethearts, Justin has been married now for almost 3 years to his beautiful wife Hannah Dunham. Thank you for always being ready to lend a helping hand, even if not asked too. Thank you for supporting MECA.

February 2022

Ray Maestas

We are pleased to announce MECA’s 24th season February MECAHEAD of the month, Ray Maestas of Team Flex Issues! Ray is an OG of MECA CA, joining MECA in 2010 and competing at MECA CA’s first ever state finals. Ray was a standout at the February 2022 Kern County Showdown multi-org event posting 162.31db in M5, but more impressive a 140.79db in DB5 which is currently the top Park and Pound score in the nation. Team Captain of Flex Issues and MECA R&E member Kyle Rhodes said, “although Ray takes all formats seriously, his greatest joy has always been Park and Pound as this format is the greatest display of what his daily driven music monster is. This is the score that Ray takes the most pride in and he loves the crowd involvement in this class.”

January 2022

Scott A. Smith

We are pleased to announce MECA’s 24th season January MECAHEAD of the month, Scott A. Smith!

Scott has been to every show this season from Ohio to Kentucky, with plans to go to as many as possible, to compete or to judge. His wife Becky said, “he gets the greatest joy from turning people on to new things…..from a new food to a song no one saw coming. He’s like a little kid in that way. He makes my heart melt”