MECAHEAD of the Month 2022

Congratulations to all the MECAHEAD of the Month winners, Will you be next?

MECAHEAD of the Month is a title that should be taken serious. Not just anyone can be nominated. To get MECAHEAD of the month you must be an active MECA member. The MECAHEAD must have went to a MECA event since the last MECAHEAD Newsletter. Most importantly, to be nominated for this very special monthly award you would need to stand out from the rest! This person may also show the best sportsmanship or be the first person to notice a new competitor or spectator and offer to assist or give a demo. They help the Behind the Scene folks, with not only setup and tear down, but throughout the day never too far away to offer a hand or picking up trash to insure the grounds are left better than when we arrive.

If you would like to nominate someone for MECAHEAD of the Month please let us know, click on the link below to submit your nomination for the next month.

December 2022

Melinda Rosson

Please help us congratulate our December MECAHEAD of the Month Melinda Rosson! Not only is Melinda a wonderful wife and dependable mother but she’s one heck of a MECA Lane Lady, AKA a Baddie of Bass, and a great friend.

She’s always helping at sanctioned or non-sanctioned events, making sure the judges are okay, spreads joy with her smile, and participants in all the extra fun MECA events with food in hand. Us MECAHEADS love to eat. Let’s not forget, the moment she hears music, that booty starts shaking!

Melinda goes to as many events as she can to show off her Dueling Demos Modified Beast. Melinda’s first season competing she finished strong with a podium finish of 5th place! Her competition was tough, but with her rookie year behind her she’s already coming strong! The guys better watch out for this Lane Lady!

Congratulations Melinda!

November 2022

Mike Bush

Please help me congratulate the MECAHEAD of the Month for November, Mike Bush! Mike is the type of competitor that everyone loves!

He supports his club by competing in everything MECA has to offer.

This year his hard work and dedication paid off, Mike Bush received MECA’s Best of the Best of Show trophy and bragging rights at our 24th season MECA World Finals 2022 at the Farm Bureau Expo Center!

Not only is he supportive of the club but also his fellow team members and competitors. Mike is always the first person to help when anyone needs anything. To support this crazy habit, Mike owns his own landscaping business and employ’s a handful of guys. When he’s not working to pay for his crazy hobby, he’s enjoying his beautiful family and now second grandbaby and even donating his time as a volunteer firefighter.

Mike is one hell of a person! Thank you, Mike! Everyone, please help me congratulate him!

October 2022

Natan Budiono

Please help us congratulate Natan Budiono for being the October MECAHEAD of the Month!!

Natan has been a competitor of MECA for many years. Last season Natan won his first MECA World Championship in Sound Quality Master class. He must compete in Master class because of being affiliated with a manufacturer. Once again this season’s World Finals, Natan was able to out preform all other competitors and take home the title and the MECA Culbertson cup! Huge Congratulations to Natan for hold the cup for 2 consecutive years!

Natan is not only a Champion but a super nice guy always willing to help a fellow competitor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Natan not smiling. He radiates happiness, you can’t help but to smile when you see him.

If you ever get a chance for a demo do not pass it up, this is one car you don’t want to miss! Congrats Natan! Your hard work has paid off. You have a huge task ahead of you to hold on to that cup for 3 years running! Good luck in the 2023 season!

Sept 2022

Brandon LaRussa

Please help us congratulate our September MECAHEAD of the Month, Brandon LaRussa   Brandon has been to 30 different events this season. He competes in Modified Street 2, with a high score of 152.77 dBs, and currently has 313 points. He also competes in Park & Pound 3, with a high score of 132.90, currently holding 256 points.

Just between these 2 classes Brandon has a combined total of 569 points!   To support his crazy obsession, I mean hobby, Brandon is a Supervisor at Wal-Mart. When he’s not at work, you can find him always helping someone. At the events, you’ll mostly see Brandon hanging out with his team not far from the lanes to keep an eye out for anyone that may need assistance while in the lanes.

We’ve seen him lend different tools or supplies to a competitor in need, even if it’s his opponent. You’ll even see him help brace his fellow competitor’s vehicle without hesitation. When not in the lanes or working, you will find him helping a teammate, on a live chat with his team or on Facebook posting his trophies, being an advocate for MECA. Another thing we all love about Brandon, he’s proud to post about his sobriety.

Addiction touches so many lives of our friends and families. Seeing Brandon post at least monthly about his sobriety is eye opening. Little does he know; he is an inspiration to so many others that live with the same struggles on a daily basis. Brandon, thank you for being so supportive and a huge part of MECA. We wish you the best of luck at MECA World Finals! Congratulation Brandon!!

August 2022

Robert Boyd

Everyone! Please help us congratulate our August, MECAHEAD of the Month, Robert Boyd! He has been going strong and always leading in points for the last 4 years! Robert has also in that time, competed at 28 different events in 10 different classes. His high SPL score is a 140.9 and his average SQL score is an 86.39!!

The feedback we’ve gotten about Robert is top notch. He’s always ready and willing to help a fellow MECAHEADS in and out of the lanes. And always smiling. Although he may be a big strong man and maybe a little intimidating but anyone that knows him, knows he’s just a big softy and loves car audio like the rest of us! Pretty sure if we had a mileage award it would go to him! This man never stops traveling and setting examples for the next generation of car audio enthusiasts.

 Again, please help me congratulations Robert Boyd for being this month’s MECAHEAD of the month!

July 2022

Cory Walstrom

The votes are in and the July MECAHEAD of the Month couldn’t have gone to anyone else other than Cory Walstrom! Not only has Cory been cleaning up at the shows bringing home SPL BOS hardware, but does it weekend after weekend! When he’s not in the lanes crushing DB4 with a 135.41 and 137.34 in DB5, a 157.56 in MS4, and 159.15 in X he’s helping his fellow competitors. Even when they are in his class, he tends to be more concerned with his opponent doing well, than himself. He promotes his club, MECA, like a champ. Always posting what event is coming up next and getting other competitors excited to attend. If Cory ever had a bad day, you’d never know it because he never complains or dwells on things that are out of his control. Always smiling and happy. You may even see his other half, his wife Melissa with him at the shows. They are now seeing what it’s like having your kid grown up and in college, getting more free time to play radios together!

Please help us congratulate Cory Walstrom for being our MECAHEAD of the Month for July!


June 2022

Jason Antis

June’s MECAHEAD of the month goes to Jason Antis! The votes came rolling in for this man. It couldn’t have gone to anyone else this month! Jason was SPL Rookie of the Year 2021 and we see why. He never stops moving! Jason is in Oklahoma one weekend hosting MECA events, Indiana competing the next, then back out west to Colorado, and yep back to Indiana competing, then to killing it in the lanes both competing and judging at Slamology 2022, and he’s actually from Ohio! This man gets around! While getting out there helping us spread the word of MECA, he never stops smiling! He truly enjoys MECA, this hobby, and over the last 6 months we think he finds more joy in seeing all of you either at the shows or in his lanes at the shows, hitting your personal goals. He sees and feels the joy we get as judges that started off in the lanes as a competitor. He knows what each one of you put into this hobby and into MECA and he gets it!

Not only is he awesome in MECA, but Jason is married and a wonderful dad to 4 kids. We’ve seen Jason be a dad to much more than 4 taking care of everyone, making sure they eat and are not hungry (them damn DOTS)! He’s a real family man that puts his family first.

Please help us congratulate Jason Antis for being June’s MECAHEAD of the month we appreciate you and everything you do Jason!

May 2022

Dean Baptiste

This month’s MECAHEAD goes to Dean Baptiste! Please help us Congratulate Dean for being one hell of a MECA competitor! Every time we see this man he has the biggest smile. I’d love to say the smile is all because of MECA but that would not be true. Every where he goes it’s all smiles all the time!

Dean goes to every event he possibly can with his sexy lil burnt orange Honda with a system, that once you hear it, you’ll never forget it! Dean has helped us shine a light on the Dueling Demos format by competing in Dueling Demos Extreme this year after taking home the Championship in Dueling Demos Modified last season, 2021. While Dean patiently waits at every event to compete and show off his Championship car, he’s the first to help others out with usb drives or assistance getting ready.

Not only did we see this man’s sportsmanship at the Kollar’s Kallout 2 event but a few weeks later we saw him and his vehicle in the U.S. Virgin Islands! He had his vehicle shipped by boat and competed in the VI MECA Event!! While there, he encouraged all the locals to compete in MECA, helped them with proper music either a sub or CD. He helped explain and find almost everyone’s peek frequency. He lifts his fellow competitors and spreads joy everywhere he goes, and again this man is everywhere!

We look forward to many more years of Dean dominating the Dueling Demos Lanes! Again, Dean, congratulations on being this month’s MECAHEAD of the month! It’s truly a pleasure watching you play and enjoy this crazy hobby! Cheers!

APRIL 2022

Bubba Brewer

We would like to congratulate Bubba Brewer on being the MECAHEAD of the month for April! We met Bubba last season, as it was his first year competing with MECA. He went hard for Rookie of the year last year and came up just a little short. However, Bubba had another goal in mind and that was becoming MECA’s MS3 World Champion. Bubba came up to Alabama last year and did his thing. We watched him and his teammates spend most of the night working even after many were back at hotels fast asleep or out partying. Bubba reminded us of those days we sat reminiscing about the journey we were once on. Many championships were created or found in the parking lot the night before finals or even the night after qualifying rounds. This is something many don’t see, they think it is magic or that we have some secret but in the end, it boils down to work, effort and time. Every time we see or talk with Bubba he is always eager to learn. Always pushing his friends and his enemies, that’s how we get better, get louder and innovate in this hobby. Bubba has great sportsmanship. I have seen him win and lose with grace. He is also someone who will go out of his way to help his team, his friends and even the occasional new guy. That matters! Sharing knowledge with the new competitors truly helps to grow our hobby. Bubba is a model MECA competitor and we look forward to seeing what he can accomplish in what I hope are many years to come. With all that said, congrats Bubba you earned it!!

March 2022

Justin Dunham

We are pleased to announce March 2022 MECA head of the month goes to Justin Dunham! Justin came out strong last season competing in the sound quality league with big sexy! Big sexy is his beautiful red truck he drives around with an amazing sounding system in it. Justin put in so much work, he won SQL rookie of the year last year which is a huge accomplishment your first year.

Although it was Justin‘s rookie year he has a partner in crime that’s been doing car audio for 25+ years, his dad, Jim Vilseck Junior. Jim said, ” Justin is my best friend, son and business partner that is as honest as the day is long. Has the biggest heart, would help anybody.” After being high school sweethearts, Justin has been married now for almost 3 years to his beautiful wife Hannah Dunham. Thank you for always being ready to lend a helping hand, even if not asked too. Thank you for supporting MECA.

February 2022

Ray Maestas

We are pleased to announce MECA’s 24th season February MECAHEAD of the month, Ray Maestas of Team Flex Issues! Ray is an OG of MECA CA, joining MECA in 2010 and competing at MECA CA’s first ever state finals. Ray was a standout at the February 2022 Kern County Showdown multi-org event posting 162.31db in M5, but more impressive a 140.79db in DB5 which is currently the top Park and Pound score in the nation. Team Captain of Flex Issues and MECA R&E member Kyle Rhodes said, “although Ray takes all formats seriously, his greatest joy has always been Park and Pound as this format is the greatest display of what his daily driven music monster is. This is the score that Ray takes the most pride in and he loves the crowd involvement in this class.”

January 2022

Scott A. Smith

We are pleased to announce MECA’s 24th season January MECAHEAD of the month is Scott A. Smith! 

Scott has been to every show, so far this season from Ohio to Kentucky, with plans to go to as many as possible, to compete or to judge. Scott’s first year as a MECA Competitor was 2005. He met his beautiful soulmate in 2009 while continuing his love for car audio. Scott stepped back for a while. Just like many of us Scott has been in and out of the scene but never, really, let it go. 

Now you might see Scott in any state at any time doing what he loves, helping others while playing radios. Scott has been judging with MECA’s Event Director Sidney Wright, in Ohio since the beginning of 2021 with plans to attend the SQL training at the National Corvette Museum in March of this year. Scott enjoys MECA and competing so much that he can’t choose a format, he just does them all! His wife Becky says, “he gets the greatest joy from turning people on to new things…..from a new food to a song no one saw coming. He’s like a little kid in that way. He makes my heart melt”.

It has been such a pleasure getting to know and work with Scott. With many more years of service coming from him please help me Congratulate our January MECAHEAD of the Month! 

Thanks for everything you do Scott A. Smith!!