MECAHEAD of the Month 2023

Congratulations to all the MECAHEAD of the Month winners, Will you be next?

MECAHEAD of the Month is a title that should be taken serious. Not just anyone can be nominated. To get MECAHEAD of the month you must be an active MECA member. The MECAHEAD must have went to a MECA event since the last MECAHEAD Newsletter. Most importantly, to be nominated for this very special monthly award you would need to stand out from the rest! This person may also show the best sportsmanship or be the first person to notice a new competitor or spectator and offer to assist or give a demo. They help the Behind the Scene folks, with not only setup and tear down, but throughout the day never too far away to offer a hand or picking up trash to insure the grounds are left better than when we arrive.

If you would like to nominate someone for MECAHEAD of the Month please let us know, click on the link below to submit your nomination for the next month.

January 2023

Tony Pasquale

Let’s all give a huge congratulations to Tony Pasquale the owner of Creative Car Audio in Orlando Florida for being our MECAHEAD of the Month for January 2023, our 25th Anniversary season!

Many voted for Tony, and we totally agree with y’all! Tony has been a huge supporter of MECA this last season, becoming a Retail member, and continuously recruiting new members to join the club!

Tony is kind of new to MECA this last season but has been in the car audio scene for many years. (He’s older than he looks😉😉) He made his debut in the sound quality scene and last season has drifted over into the sound pressure and Dueling Demos lanes and making huge waves. Word on the streets, he’s going for the BOBOS this season!

Tony and his team took home tons of hardware from finals last season and plan to leave with even more this year. Along with supporting the club, Tony’s all about helping others. His fellow competitors and customers come to him for help, and he delivers. The judges need ice or Red Bulls Tony is on it, and always willing to come early or stay late to help the judges.

Tony, Thank You and Congratulations on being MECAHEAD of the Month for January! Looking forward to seeing the waves you plan to make this season! Get your surf boards ready!