MECAHEAD of the Month 2023

Congratulations to all the MECAHEAD of the Month winners, Will you be next?

MECAHEAD of the Month is a title that should be taken serious. Not just anyone can be nominated. To get MECAHEAD of the month you must be an active MECA member. The MECAHEAD must have went to a MECA event since the last MECAHEAD Newsletter. Most importantly, to be nominated for this very special monthly award you would need to stand out from the rest! This person may also show the best sportsmanship or be the first person to notice a new competitor or spectator and offer to assist or give a demo. They help the Behind the Scene folks, with not only setup and tear down, but throughout the day never too far away to offer a hand or picking up trash to insure the grounds are left better than when we arrive.

If you would like to nominate someone for MECAHEAD of the Month please let us know, click on the link below to submit your nomination for the next month.

May 2023

Jack Hawley

Please help us congratulate the MECAHEAD of the month for May, Jack Hawley! This is Jack’s second year with MECA , but you wouldn’t know it from how many different shows or events you will see this man at!

Last season, he didn’t even start competing until mid season and almost won overall points champion. He is from Michigan, but travels to every major event he can get his boom boom vehicle to make it to.

This was a system to remember with all those 8 inch subwoofers. Last year at Cass with his 8″s and running S3 he hit a 151.14. This year, he has now changed his build to three 15 inch subs, ran S4 and hit a 154.84!! Motivation is his middle name!

Jack is a little shy or quiet when you first meet him but after chatting, you’ll realize he is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Always arrives early to offer a helping hand. He stays till the end of the show offering to help pack up. But one of our favorite things about Jack is, he’s always smiling! He seems like the happiest man and that is so contagious. We need more competitors like Jack. Thank you Jack and congratulations!

April 2023

Charlie Kremer

Please help me congratulate Charlie Kremer with MC window tinting for being the April MECAHEAD of the month!

Charlie is one of the most supportive competitor and Retail members in the club! His shop is in Illinois, but he is quick to reach out to the Meca judges to help sponsor trophies or plaques and even donates awesome gift certificates for the raffles! However, that’s not the reason he was chosen for MECAHEAD of the month, he was voted for by so many of his peers and fellow competitors. Here’s just a few things they had to say when voting, “Always helpful, whether a teammate or fellow competitor. All around a good guy.”, “Always helpful to all teammates, whether with conversation or actual physical help. He’s taken a lot of his own personal time off work to help with my own build as well as a few other guys.” His twin brother Matthew Kremer says “he’s a great competitor and businessman that’s extremely motivated. He has accomplished a lot and works extremely hard and definitely deserves the recognition of being MECAHEAD of the month!”

On top of being one heck of a MECAHEAD Charlie is also a member of Team #AINTLOUD and president for the Illinois chapter. It’s amazing how this man finds so much time for MECA with how busy he is! Constantly promoting car audio as a community and definitely doing his part to keep this crazy sport alive. Thank you, Charlie! Congratulations for being the April 2023 MEACHEAD of the Month!

March 2023

Belinda Horton

Please help us congratulate our March 2023 MECAHEAD of the month, Belinda Horton! This is a person that has gotten votes each month but this month the votes came rolling in!

You all may know her as Tawb Belle on Facebook. Not only is Belinda a MECA Lane Lady through and through but also the glue that holds her team, All Walls together. She is a competitor. She is one hell of a MECA Judge. I knew when I met Belinda, I needed another strong woman on my crew to help put together some awesome events and she has yet to let me down!

Last year Belle attended sound quality training for the first time, and since then has been helping MECA reshape the sound quality league. She is attending the sound quality training event again this season to expand her knowledge even more for her competitors. Not only is she amazing within the club, but she also has a huge heart and every opportunity she has to put a smile on a child’s face she jumps at!

Every year Belle hosts a Breaking Glass For Class (BGFC) event for children starting up the school year without the required needs for school. She has put together a light show type of parade for their local autistic hospital as well. Her team, All Walls, and anyone else that’s interested in putting a smile on a face, has been invited to this light show parade they put on, it just warms my heart and hope I can be a part of it soon. So be sure to reach out to Belle to get more information as to how you could be a part of putting some smiles on some faces to!

On top of everything she does for the club, the less fortunate or the community with disabilities, she also holds down the fort at home for their new business, they’ve been working so hard for. She is a wonderful mother of 2 handsome boys, almost men at this point. A faithful wife. Dependable friend and even mentor to so many females that try to have a presence within the club.

Belle, thank you for being a MECAHEAD! CONGRATULATIONS!!

February 2023

Omar Frias

Huge congratulations goes out to Omar Frias for being February MECAHEAD of the Month! Every team needs an Omar on their team. No matter if he’s a hand or 2 down he always finds a way to help his teammates and fellow competitors. Although he has loved car audio since childhood when his family members would ride around town showing off their vehicles, Omar just started competing and became a MECA member last year. Another congratulations is in order for he just broke his own personal best score! Way to go, Omar!!

On top of always being ready & available to help any of his fellow competitors and judges, Omar is one hell of a family guy! The first event we met him at last year he came, hung out for a couple hours, did his thang and off to his lil girl’s birthday party. I couldn’t tell you which one because Omar has a big beautiful family. He’s got 7 children and 5 grandchildren and going strong on 24 years of marriage. So, you see this man has dedicated, watch out for this one in the lanes! Maybe one day we’ll see him bring the noise in MECA Kids lanes with one of those beautiful grand babies. I know, I know, I thought he was 24 years old too!

Congratulations Omar! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for you for the rest of the season! Thank YOU for being a MECAHEAD!

January 2023

Tony Pasquale

Let’s all give a huge congratulations to Tony Pasquale the owner of Creative Car Audio in Orlando Florida for being our MECAHEAD of the Month for January 2023, our 25th Anniversary season!

Many voted for Tony, and we totally agree with y’all! Tony has been a huge supporter of MECA this last season, becoming a Retail member, and continuously recruiting new members to join the club!

Tony is kind of new to MECA this last season but has been in the car audio scene for many years. (He’s older than he looks) He made his debut in the sound quality scene and last season has drifted over into the sound pressure and Dueling Demos lanes and making huge waves. Word on the streets, he’s going for the BOBOS this season!

Tony and his team took home tons of hardware from finals last season and plan to leave with even more this year. Along with supporting the club, Tony’s all about helping others. His fellow competitors and customers come to him for help, and he delivers. The judges need ice or Red Bulls Tony is on it, and always willing to come early or stay late to help the judges.

Tony, Thank You and Congratulations on being MECAHEAD of the Month for January! Looking forward to seeing the waves you plan to make this season! Get your surf boards ready!