Mic Wallace

Location: North Carolina
MECA Certifications: SQL Judge, SPL Judge
Contact Information: [email protected]


  • 20+ years Sound Quality competition experience.
  • 18 Years Sound Quality/installation judging experience across multiple organizations
  • 2010 MECA Extreme Class SQL Champion, 2010 SQ2+ 3rd
  • Numerous top 5 MECA Finals and Regional Finishes in SQL and Install
  • Certified 4x SQL and Money Round Judge. Judged every major event in 2021 including Dallas, TX Lonestar Shootout Top 20 Money Round
  • 2 Sound Quality IASCA World Champion
  • 2-time MECA Sound Quality Judge of the Year (2012, 2021)
  • MECA Mike Baylor Sportsmanship Award (2011)
  • MECA SQL Spouses Award (2018)
  • Team Arc Audio, ESB Audio, AARPA, Stinger