Michael Madison

Location: Ohio
Certification: SPL Judge SQL Judge
Contact Info: m.madison4625@gmail.com

Hello MECA Heads. My name is Michael Madison. I am a 3x Certified SPL and SQL judge, multiple time state champion in SPL, a Dueling Demos world champion, and the recent recipient of the TCB award!

Most of you know me as the go to guy along side the Ohio Event Director Sidney Wright. I began my competitive audio journey around 2010 after Army basic training, with yard sale and pawn shop finds. Through trading equipment, I met some gentlemen that I truly regard as my mentors- Will Penn, Geoff Schneider, Sidney Wright, Danny Black, Wayne Clay, and Cornell Hogan.

Around 2015, I began to judge alongside Geoff and Sidney on the SPL side. From that moment, I knew I found my league and where I belonged. I quickly went all in on MECA, seeking certification for SQL judging, and doing everything I could do become a better judge and competitor.

MECA always felt more like a family than a business, something I wanted to feel as a competitor myself. When describing MECA to someone new to car audio, I always said “you won’t just be a number, chasing numbers. You will be part of our community”. This is my personal attitude every time I put on my judges shirt.

I want to give our competitors that fairly judged, family friendly, welcoming feeling that I too want when I’m in the lanes. No question is too silly, and no accomplishment my competitors reach will ever be too insignificant in my eyes. At the end of the day, I want my competitors to leave with a smile and memories that’ll last long after I take that judges shirt back off for good. Don’t worry friends, that’ll be a long time away!