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MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

To view current MECA Retail Members, visit the Events and Membership web application: Click Here

Join MECA for $75/year. Become a MECA licensee, which means:

  • Sell MECA Competitor Memberships for $40, keep $5 for each one you sell
  • Use MECA logos in your advertising
  • Register your store’s team as a recognized MECA Team
  • Register you store’s demo vehicle, or team vehicle, for competition and receive entry fee discounts
  • Receive the informative 3 page “Working the MECA Business Plan” for ideas that help generate more business
  • Receive a detailed listing for your business, by state, on our website with a link to your website
  • Sell MECA merchandise, i.e. SPL test cd’s, SQL test cd’s, T-shirts, stickers, etc.
  • Host MECA sanctioned events. All you pay for is the trophies/awards and local promotion
  • Host and judge MECA 1x events. Pay $5/score sheet, keep the entry fees, buy the awards, and promote locally.  Other options are available, including the “Event in a Box” for $350 which is a turn-key price, and the promoter/host keeps the entry fees.
  • Offer 2X and 3X points events sanctioned for SPL State Championships and SQL Points State Championships
  • Receive 1 free charity event (score sheets), when you host 3 other sanctioned events
  • Discounts on booth space at MECA Regional, State, and Finals Soundfest events
  • Member pricing for TermLab testing products, i.e. hardware, software, and mics
  • Free T-shirt designs with your store name name/logo or Team name/logo. You pay for the printing and the shirts.
  • Free Official club event flyers made for you. Discounts on MECA Media Services (TV ads, Radio ads, Print ads)
  • Preferred parking for your Team at MECA events, when possible

Purchase MECA Retail Membership

MECA Retail Membership ($75/year per store, discounts available for multiple stores. Call or email for more information on multiple stores. To join MECA as a Retail Member via PayPal, please click the link below. It will take you to the MECA PayPal page. Be sure to include all pertinent contact information, a contact person, desired Team Name and email address.)

To become a MECA Retail Member and enjoy all of these benefits, click the link below to be taken to the MECA Store to purchase a membership for one store.

Purchase MECA Retail Membership