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A letter to the Mobile Electronics Industry from Steve Stern -  All indicators point to the best Mobile Electronics Industry sales and service business in many years knocking on our doorstep.  More than ever, we need to be pro-active with cost-effective promotional efforts that bring people from our communities together.  There's a car audio sports community, for sure, actually 2:  SQL and SPL.  They are great to have at our events because they show the "height" of the sport, hobby, and lifestyle of car audio and related mobile electronics products:  security, specialty lighting, power supplies like batteries, caps, alternators, wire, and hook-up products and supplies, even tint.  But, the main point of hosting a promotion is to generate interest and excitement in the local/regional marketplace that leads to sales.  One of the main goals is to do it with a reasonable investment.  One of the main strategies for determining the value of the promotion is to have some method of tracking the sales generated.    MECA, the Mobile Electronics Competition Association, is the car audio and mobile electronics club for serious enthusiasts and professionals.  These are the people who love the gear and the music, and the "car show with music" lifestyle, and attend and compete at our events.  These are the people who want to get the most out of their "high-performance" gear:  for SQL it's all about the music and installation, for SPL it's all about loud bass notes and loud and clear music.  These are our customers and our organization reaches out to all who like what we do, with a professional, family-friendly way of presenting our events.  Car audio sports was created to sell car audio products and services many years ago.  The market and consumers have changed, no doubt, but there is still a significant percentage of the population that wants what our Manufacturer and Retail Members have, as specialists in our industry.  We have to put our best foot forward and create and present the most impacting events that promote and enhance our businesses.  We have to get on-board the gravy train and attract our local community to visit and trust our Retail stores, so that we develop a loyal customer base, with families outfitting their vehicles with our products.  Stores have to let everyone know that they are "the man" or "the woman" to visit when they want the best service and products for their vehicles.  A store wants to be their 1st thought when it comes to vehicle customization.  MECA events, "car shows with music", are designed to showcase the Retail store and their products and services.  MECA, the trade association for Retailers and Manufacturers, presents many options and opportunities to create events, and has other strategies and business plans to fortify the Retailer's customer base and sales.  A specialist has to show-off what they can do, and MECA events help do that in a very positive atmosphere of a fun and fair "car show with music".  Doing this is the best way to develop loyal customers, and challenge the buyers' internet temptations for our brick and mortar stores.  MECA has 120+ USA storefronts active as Retail Members, and wants to work with all who are looking for cost-effective, fun promotions.  The Retail Members annual dues are only $75 for 2017.  This includes the opportunity of hosting events, networking, and learning more about sensible promotions and business strategies to build the customer base.  Included in the Retail Member pack are Team card, guidelines, and blank roster for creating and promoting the store Team, one of the most popular benefits and strategies for building business.  There's a Retail Member certificate for display, along with information on SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine contests and basic rules.  MECA competitor memberships may be sold in the store for $30/year, with a $5 commission for each.  MECA test CD's and t-shirts may be purchased at wholesale prices for resale.  MECA, done right, is another valuable brand for profit.  MECA provides a 3 page guide to sound-off and event promotion, and gives direction for getting community support, participation, and sponsorships to help make the promotion a success.  Manufacturer Members support their dealers as they always have, but with a more focused plan and demonstrable results.    Every business and location has unique variables that determine the feasibility of on-site events.  When conditions are right, hosting the event at the store is the best way to do it.  But, when that's not possible, hosting the event off-site, and especially co-locating with on-going car shows and cruise-ins, is a good option.  Every MECA event is vetted and we try to maximize the attendance and value of the promotion for our Retail Members.  When that's the case, Manufacturer Members see more sales volume and interest in their products.  We have many dedicated and satisfied Retail Members that are willing to share their stories and successes with those looking for sales solutions.  Our passion and determination to make everyone we touch more involved with our Retail Members and the products from the Manufacturer Members is resolute.   It's not too late to plan to create more sales in 2017.  MECA is a great partner to work with to make this happen.  For those willing to make and execute the plan, we guarantee results:  fortified sales and loyal customers.

Join MECA for $75/year. Become a MECA licensee, which means:

  • Sell MECA Competitor Memberships for $30, 1st year beginner Memberships for $20; keep $5 for each one you sell
  • Use MECA logos in your advertising
  • Register your store’s team as a recognized MECA Team
  • Register you store’s demo vehicle, or team vehicle, for competition and receive entry fee discounts
  • Receive the informative 3 page “Working the MECA Business Plan” for ideas that help generate more business
  • Receive a detailed listing for your business, by state, on our website with a link to your website
  • Sell MECA merchandise, i.e. SPL test cd’s, SQL test cd’s, T-shirts, stickers, etc.
  • Host MECA sanctioned events. All you pay for is the trophies/awards and local promotion
  • Host and judge MECA 1x events. Pay $5/score sheet, keep the entry fees, buy the awards, and promote locally.  Other options are available, including the "Event in a Box" for $350 which is a turn-key price, and the promoter/host keeps the entry fees.
  • Offer 2X and 3X points events sanctioned for SPL State Championships and SQL Points State Championships
  • Receive 1 free charity event (score sheets), when you host 3 other sanctioned events
  • Discounts on booth space at MECA Regional, State, and Finals Soundfest events
  • Discount on AudioControl, SPL Lab, and TermLab testing products, i.e. hardware, software, and mics
  • Free T-shirt designs with your store name name/logo or Team name/logo. You pay for the printing and the shirts.
  • Free Official club event fyers made for you. Discounts on MECA Media Services (TV ads, Radio ads, Print ads)
  • Preferred parking for your Team at MECA events, when possible

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