Richard Papasin

Location: California
Certification: Event Director – SPL/SQL Judge
Contact Info: [email protected]
Facebook link:

Played the violin starting in 1984 in various orchestras including large symphony orchestra, smaller chamber orchestra, and very small pit orchestras accompanying musicals. In his youth he was a member of the California Youth Symphony (CYS) that participated in various orchestra competitions across the country. Has been the MECA Event Director/coordinator for California and much of the west coast since 2015, has been a senior SPL and SQL judge since 2014, and a lead member of R&E (Rules and Ethics) since 2016.

Good background interview by Klifton with Richard regarding car audio and MECA at CES:

MECA  Accomplishments:

MECA  accomplishments:

2021 – Inducted to MECA Sound Quality and Sound Pressure Leagues Judge Hall of Fame (maybe the only one to be in both)

2021 – MECA Commissioner Award

2020, 2019, 2017 – MECA Event Director of the Year

2019 – Event Director and Head Judge for MECA Indonesia Finals

2018 – MECA CA Judge Team of the Year

2016 – MECA Distinguished Service Award

2016 – MECA Sound Quality League Judge of the Year World Finals Sound Quality Judge 2016 -2019, 2021 World Finals RTA Judge 2016-2019, 2021 Member of MECA R&E 2016 – present 2016, 2017 traveled to Southeast Asia and provided competitor and judge training to Indonesia and Philippines

2016 – present – MECA CA Event Coordinator/Director, Head SPL and SQL judge

2015 MECA World Finals Co-Champion MODEX Class and SQ Best of Show/Culbertson Cup Co-champion

2015 MECA Sound Quality MODEX National Points Champion

2015 – twelve MECA MODEX 1st Place wins across 4 states, with 7 SQ Best of Shows

2014 & 2015 MECA SQL Spouses Award (back to back)

2014 MECA CA State Champion Modex

Started competing in MECA in 2012