Salena Ballinger

Location: Kentucky
Certification: Owner – Event Director – SPL/SQ Judge
Contact Info: 615-851-PHAT
[email protected]

I became a certified SPL and SQL judge when I was 14 in 2015. I was working every show with my parents (Shannon and Bud Ballinger) and started judging SPL at World Finals that same year.

Soon as I got my driving permit I was in the lanes, I started in Street 1. From 2017 to 2021 I competed in each Street class consecutively. In 2021 I officially had a World Championship in each class and received the title of Street Queen. I am the first woman to have this title and one of three people to complete them all.

2021 was my last year competing in the lanes but my time with Meca is far from over. I’m excited to be working with my parents to help MECA grow and see where the journey takes us!

This year I am the street 5 world champion. Five years later I completed that goal and earned my title of street queen. I couldn’t have asked for better supporters then my MECA family, BOAB, and of course my parents Shannon and Bud Ballinger. Though my time in the lanes is over, my journey with all of you is far from over. The Ballinger’s are here to stay and I can’t wait to see how far we’ll go.