Sean Paradis

Location: Indiana
Certification: SPL Judge
Contact Info: [email protected]

My name is Sean Paradis. Me and my partner Chad Bleeke have been the Indiana MECA judges for going on 3 years now. We have been active competitors for years, and continue to do so in multiple orgs. Even got my wife Ashley to start competing as well. In my spare time, I have a small business(ParadisCNC) I run after work in the evenings. I run a cnc router, wood lathe, 3d printing, as well as make small decals. Hope to have a laser here very soon as well. I have several kids ranging from 8-20 years old lol. The youngest 2(Andy & Chloe) are still at home. They come to shows often with us. It’s been an awesome journey as a judge, and look forward to many more years of it teaming up with our judge team, as well as Bud and Shannon. Big things to come for MECA!