Shannon Ballinger

Location: Kentucky
Certification: Owner – Event Director – SPL Judge
Contact Info: 615-851-PHAT
[email protected]

I have always had a love for some shove in my vehicles since my very first one! I remember I thought I was something when I hooked up a couple 12 inch punch subs in a sealed box that had one lil hole as a port I guess (looking back I just laugh). These badass subs were pushed by some explode amp. Then a Kenwood unit! All I had was bass so silly Shannon took every house speaker we had laying around and probably ones my dad didn’t want me using and lined up the back window of my old 1986 Dodge turd. Can’t remember the model but it was a golden brownish color. YUCK! I was really Jammin then!!

Then my next car which was a 1989 Chevy Cavalier convertible and pretty much did the same thing:grin:

Years later I met and fell in love with Bud that had an even bigger passion for car audio and that’s how all this started! We started competing heavily in 2007 which won him Rookie of the Year! We have so many wonderful memories of that year! Then started our Team Bangin on a Budget, B.O.A.B. and our babygirl, Salena/ MECA’s Street Queen started in MECA Kids. In 2009 we lost our Kentucky judges, since we were one of the only people in KY. with a meter at that time we kinda fell into judging. We really just wanted MECA to continue and didn’t see anyone stepping up. 2013 was the year I actually competed in my little red Ford Focus. I loved that lil car but it fell short at finals that year.

As years go on, I continued to host events in KY. then decided I was going to pick up Indiana and man I’m glad I did! We’ve met some of the best folks which are now what we call family. Then last season, finally getting Michigan Poppin again.

During our long rides from state to state we’d just talk about anything and everything. It’s funny looking back about dreaming and discussing about, “if we ever owned MECA….” to now being our reality is surreal! If it wasn’t for the love and passion my whole family shares for the hobby and our fellow competitors, judges, friends and extended family, we would not be where we are today. Thank you all for you support as we tackle this venture with our club. Together our club, MECA, will reach new heights! I love all you guys and gals. Hope all y’all MECAHEADS are ready. 2022 here we come!!!

MECA Spirit Award
Loud Spouses
MECA Judge Team of the Year
Judge Emeritus
Judge Team of the Year a couple times
Event Director of the Year a couple times
Judge of the Year