CES 2017 MECA Event

Join Richard Papasin and Linda Kobayashi at DC Sound Unlimited on Saturday in Henderson, NV for our CES event featuring 2X SQL and SPL contests.

Thanks to DC Sound Unlimited for hosting our event!!

Welcome Fry’s Electronics 34 Stores

Welcome to our newest Retail Member, in a BIG way, with 34 stores in 9 states, Fry’s Electronics.  3 events are posted on the Event Schedule, in Las Vegas, NV on March 18th, Austin, TX on April 23rd, and San Marcos, CA on May 21st.  Other events are being planned and will be posted when confirmed.  Not all stores will be able to host events, but Team Fry’s will be represented at all store locations.  Plans are for SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine contests.
Thanks to Jeff Staat, Tech Team Director, and Rick Barajas, Tech Team District 2 Manager, and Fry’s Electronics management team for working to bring MECA events and promotions to their parking lots, employees, customers, and enthusiasts