Vinny Taylor

Location: Tennessee
MECA Certifications: Event Director and SQL Judge
Contact Information: 

SQ Judge day one (don’t remember when that was) to current.
Event Director 2004 – Current

Started working professionally in car audio in 1990. Moved out of the daily work of car audio in 1996, and into home audio and residential low voltage work. I started my own business in 2004. Happy to say that business is still going strong. My car audio career continued on with car audio sports. I started competing and judging in 1991. I have not done any serious competing since 1998, when I started judging more. I’m happy to say I still enjoy going to the shows, listening to the sound systems and trying to help make them sound better.


Meeting, Learning and helping the MECA family make better sounding systems for over 20 years.